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Identity Theft

Covered is the theft of the Insured's Identification which results in the unauthorised and/or illegal use of such Identification by a Third Party to execute on-line payments (card transactions, Internet banking, phishing) or payments with counterfeited card; or has been used as a guarantee for cheque or card payment; or obtain a loan/consumer credit and/or open credit accounts that the Insured did not authorise. Identity Theft shall not include the theft or wrongful use of Insured’s business name or any other method of identifying any of Insured’s business activities.

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1. Payment made with the Insured’s Identification as a consequence of:

  • On-line fraud (card transactions, internet banking; Phishing);
  • Counterfeited card.

2. Misuse of the Insured's Identification as a means of guaranteeing payment by cheque or card.

3. Credit opened with the use of Insured’s Identification (i.e. obtaining a loan/consumer credit and/or opening a credit accounts based on stolen Insured Identification).

4. AIG will refund Related Expenses incurred by the Insured :

  1. Legal Defence Costs up to the agreed sub-limit and subject to the Insurer’s prior consent;

  2. Lost wages as a result of time taken off from work to address issues created by the Identity Theft - subject to an agreed sub-limit (i.e. when the Insured is summoned to testify by the police, when the Insured has to go to his bank in case of absolute need to be physically present). If the Insured is a self-employed professional, actual lost wages include remuneration for vacation days, discretionary days, floating holidays and paid personal days;

  3. Administration Costs incurred by the Insured in the process of restoring his Identity: credit (card) application/cancellation fees, account opening fees, photocopies, travel expenses, post stamps, within the agreed limit.

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AIG Europe Limited, London
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Sägereistrasse 29
CH-8152 Glattbrugg
Tel.: + 41 43 333 37 00
Fax: + 41 43 333 37 99