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There are good reasons to consider Motor Fleet insurance from AIG

Driven for business

A company’s fleet of work-use motor vehicles represents a significant investment in capital and management time. It also represents a sizable proportion of the risk the company carries as driving is among the most dangerous work activities.

Cover for the business’ vehicles

The implications to businesses from fleet incidents reach far deeper even than human tragedy. From missed deliveries and unproductive downtime, replacement staffing and the high costs and delays associated with repairs, the costs of even a minor accident can escalate. AIG also offers fully comprehensive policies to cover the company’s vehicles.

Protecting others on the road

Motor Fleet Insurance protects businesses financially from compensation claims from third parties as a result of a motor accident or from the theft of a vehicle. These third party claims could be in the form of financial compensation for injury or property damage for a third party.

Who is it for?

Large companies with a degree of risk management sophistication.

Following sectors: Corporate fleets, logistical fleets, car and truck rental companies, car and truck leasing.

What is covered?

Our Commercial Auto or Motor Fleet Insurance can be customized to suit wide-ranging country laws, vehicle types and fleet size.

Coverage provides for risk handling across countries, reduced expenses, control through consolidation and services such as cost, premium allocation flexibility and multiple currency handling.

Our Motor Fleet Liability Programs are complemented with strong administration service, cash flow management, claims handling and loss information.


AIG has qualified and very experienced claims expertise throughout Europe whose core role is to help our clients and manage the claims process from start to finish.

In the event of a loss, our Swiss claims teams are on hand to

  • Deal with claims enquiries quickly and accurately and help our clients in the very best way within the scope of the insurance contract.
  • Work closely with our clients and brokers to help minimize the financial and reputational impact of a loss.
  • Comply with our client’s needs for service and communicate with clients and their brokers on how the claim will progress.

Our claims department can be contacted via e-mail