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Financial Lines

Our solutions provide financial protection for organizations and their executives, as well as other professionals, against allegations of wrong-doing, mismanagement, negligence, and other exposures.


CyberEdge covers losses directly resulting from system failures and data breaches. Costs for IT forensic costs are covered as well as legal expenses resulting out of liabilities to third parties. AIG also offers coverage enhancements for network interruption and extortion.

Employment Practices Liability

Specifically designed to protect the assets of a company and its directors, managers and employees against the growing risk of personal claims brought about for any number of reasons, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and maintenance of a hostile work environment.

Financial Institutions

A range of specialist products designed to meet the needs of Financial Institutions

Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance

Protection against kidnapping for ransom, wrongful detention and in extortion scenarios. Who is it for? Any company with employees either travelling to, or based in, overseas countries particularly Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa; cash-rich or high-profile companies operating in Europe or overseas; manufacturers or retailers of consumer goods.

Pension Trust Liability Insurance

Provides protection for the trustees, the employees, the employer company and the fund itself against claims brought for actual or alleged wrongful acts in relation to a plan. In addition to providing cover for settlement of an action, Pension Trustee Liability insurance also provides cover for the costs of defending the action - payable as they occur.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In today's litigious environment, any professional, regardless of their business, bears the risk of not meeting their clients' expectations, which may lead to expensive and time consuming professional indemnity legal action. Specially tailored Professional Indemnity policies are available to address these risks for a wide range of professions.

Directors and Officers

In this area, AIG member companies enjoy the position as world market leaders. Our policies provide protection for insured individuals from personal liability arising from performance of their professional duties.

Fidelity Insurance

Protection for businesses against the consequences of internal or external fraud, dishonesty, theft and third party forgery.

Investment Management Insurance

Financial protection against civil liability for investment advisory services, directors and officers liability insurance in respect of both the investment fund and investment manager; as well as crime cover against the dishonesty of employees and third parties.

Insurance for transaction risks (Mergers & Acquisitions)

AIG offers special insurance solutions for company mergers and acquisitions (M&A), which provide considerable strategic benefits and open up competitive advantages and negotiation leeway for both buyer and seller. Questions regarding pricing are clarified directly and effectively, and the risk profile is minimised.

Private Equity Protector

The professional services rendered by private equity companies are unique and require a streamlined insurance solution to cater for the various exposures facing the managers, employees, funds and PE company. AIG brings you PE Protector: a comprehensive and effective solution in your language, based on many years of experience leading this market. PE Protector offers extended coverage for management and professional liability. In addition, we have included employment practices liability in the package.

Securities Offering Liability Insurance

Securities Offering Liability Insurance covers claims arising from offerings. The policy can cover equity or debt issues, both initial and secondary.