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There are good reasons to consider Investment Management Insurance from AIG

Cover uncertainty

Insuring a fund's various liabilities with individual products from a variety of insurance companies can lead to a major headache when seeking to allocate responsibility between them. Problems can also arise because of differences between the policies terms, conditions, limits and retentions.

AIG’s solution

To reduce the risks of these problems arising, AIG offers a single comprehensive 'umbrella' product for investment managers, advisors and funds. This avoids issues in allocating liability between insurers, different policy limits, definitions, exclusions, retentions and conditions. It also reduces the risks of any gaps in cover.

Who is it for?

This product may be suitable for investment any European Investment Manager managing trusts, mutual funds, fund of funds, SICAVs, real estate investment trusts, hedge funds or other investment vehicles. Includes automatic cover for approved persons, outside entity directors, domestic partners, administrators, and executors.

What is covered?

Investment Management Insurance (IMI) provides coverage for:

  • responsible entities
  • investment managers
  • investment advisors
  • fund managers their role as:

  • a manager: liability of the directors, officers (including de-facto directors) as well as employees
  • a professional adviser: liability for errors or omissions by the directors, officers, employees and the entity
  • an employer: liability for discrimination, harassment, mobbing etc. by individuals, including claims brought against the entity.
  • as a business partner: avoiding material intervention in your business


Additional coverage:

At a personal level: family members are covered in case they are drawn into actions

  • Automatic cover for new funds if assets under manage- ment are less than 25% of total assets
  • Automatic cover for new subsidiaries

For Costs:

  • Legal expenses related to any claim (including pollution), with advancement of defense costs
  • Costs to attend and adhere to any official investigation, examination or inquiry.


AIG Europe has assembled a seasoned team of claims specialists who are experienced in managing some of the highest-profile D&O, PI, employment practices, crime and M&A cases in the industry, for entities of all sizes. Our close in-house collaboration with our underwriting colleagues allows us to facilitate prompt case resolution and the best possible claim outcomes. We offer access to some of the nation's premier attorneys, who have expertise managing even the most complex, sensitive claims and litigation.

To report a claim please contact us:
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