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There are good reasons to consider Professional Indemnity Insurance from AIG

Day to day protection

Each day professionals need to make decisions and some of these may be questioned, perhaps as long as years afterwards. In essence, Professional Liability allows whole the practice team to do their jobs without constantly having to look over its shoulder.

Long term peace of mind

Professional liability insurance covers claims that are actually made while the policy is in force, even if the error causing it happened years ago. So it should be kept up to date; otherwise there’s no protection against the undiscovered consequences of work done in the past.

Different specialties, different risks

We insure a broad range of professional activities and recognise that the areas of risk or grounds for complaint are often quite different between them. That’s why our policies are designed around the real needs of particular classes of professions – ranging from individual contractors to large firms.

Strong claims and defence

We have a proven track record of defending allegations against professionals. Our claims teams are Professional Liability specialists and understand the value of a rapid response, the sensitivity of commercial relationships and the importance of mounting the strongest possible defence.

Who is it for?

As noted, AIG offers solutions across professional classes and business size:

  • Law firms
  • Brokers and insurance agents
  • Individual professionals (lawyers, accountants, consultants)
  • Fixed covers for professionals connected with Orders/Unions
  • Associations or individual portfolios of mediators (Lawyers, Accountants, Notaries, consultants, ...)
  • Management or marketing consulting firms
  • Computer companies, E-commerce or Call centres
  • Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Media and Communications companies (publishing, advertising, television, radio, etc.)
  • Telecommunications companies
  • General services companies
  • All financial institutions and financial service providers

What is covered?

Cover is given for unlawful acts, real or alleged, committed in the exercise of their profession, including:

  • Negligence, errors/omissions that generate property damage, giving rise to claims for third party damage
  • Third-party business interruption (e.g. interruption of services and consequent property damage to third parties.)
  • Insults, defamation and violation of privacy
  • Infringement of intellectual property, copy-right and trademarks (excluding patents)
  • Infringement of copyright and trademarks
  • Penalties and taxes, penalties and fines imposed on the insured's customers
  • Consequences arising from loss, destruction or deterioration of documents
  • Allowance presence in legal proceedings