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There are good reasons to consider Expatriate Care insurance from AIG

Your company’s ambassadors, protected

In a global environment, companies often send their employees across the world in order to improve its performance and stay competitive. We can help you protect them, your most valuable assets.

Medical Expenses

Your employees are insured against a wide range of medical expenses like hospitalisation & outpatient surgery, hospital cash benefits, outpatient care, local ambulance, private nursing, maternity & childbirth, cancer care, organ transplants.

Support when it’s needed most

Whether its legal advice or assistance – or emergency evacuation from the country due to a political crisis - Expatriate Care has your employees’ backs.

Our comprehensive cover and benefits

We offer a flexible and cost-effective program that provides a wide range of benefits and services. Group Plus - Expatriate Care gives expatriate employees the comfort of knowing that their personal and family’s healthcare is well covered.

Additional assistance services

Among others, our clients can also access the following medical advice over the phone:  Second opinion benefits (a review of your medical file by 2 independent specialists), guides to their countries of destination and 24 hour worldwide emergency assistance.

Third Party Liability

Expatriate Care also insures your expatriate employees against liability for damages caused during their day-to-day life.

Who is it for?

Employers located in the European Economic Area may request cover for all expatriated employees and their dependants globally.
Individual expatriates may request cover for themselves and their dependants, if their home country or host country is located in the European Economic Area.
You should note that the age limit for enrolment in this plan is 65 years (benefits cease at the maximum age 75).

What is covered?

Comprehensive Core Plan, including:

  • Medical Expense Benefit up to 2.000.000 Euro per year
  • 24/365 phone access to the Multilingual Contact Center
  • Free Choice of Medical Provider & Full Reimbursement of a Single Room
  • Worldwide Network of Hospitals & Direct Billing Settlement with the Hospitals
  • 24/365 Assistance Package, including Free Medical Advice over Phone, Second Medical Opinion & Country Guides
  • Political Evacuation, Third Party Liability & Legal Assistance Cover included
  • Online Access to Policy and Claim Information
  • Primary or Secondary cover, with important premium reduction for a cover secondary to a National Health Cover
Optional insurances that can be added to the plan include Dental & Vision Care, Personal Accident, Personal Property and Leisure Travel insurance


For Employers

  • Offers comprehensive plans at reasonable price to provide the expatriate employees with cover they need to protect themselves and their families.
  • Helps companies demonstrate their commitment to
    employees and provide stronger benefit packages needed to attract and retain talented employees.
  • Allows hassle-free enrolment of expatriated employees and their families at any time.
  • Delivers the highest level of service to the employees so that employers can rest assured that their people are well taken care of.
  • Provides the HR department of the company with 24h
    online access to policy information.

For Expatriated Employees

  • Offers peace of mind during foreign assignments - the leading insurance company in the world protects you and your family.
  • Protects the expatriated employee and their family with a comprehensive core plan covering medical expenses, political evacuation, third party liability and legal assistance.
  • Provides flexibility in choosing optional benefits at reasonable costs.
  • A call center and Website are available 24/365 so that employees can have access to policy, claims information, medical network guidance, and general customer service support.

Member Access

(For Insured Only)
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Group Management Access

(For Brokers Only)
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