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Hospitality & Leisure

The global hospitality and leisure industry faces emerging pressures and changes that may heighten exposure to risk. These may range from rising operating expenses and energy costs to specific employee issues and the threat of terrorism -. Risk professionals in this industry need to manage and stay ahead of an ever-growing spectrum of risk.

With over 25 years of underwriting experience, loss prevention, engineering, claims and crisis and litigation management services specific to the hospitality and leisure industry, our goal is to leverage our corporate expertise for your benefit.

Our professionals work closely with clients and distribution partners to enhance risk management programmes, delivering not only deep understanding of the ever-changing exposures facing the industry, but also an appreciation for the total cost of risk facing leisure providers in today’s environment and the future.

Search below to learn more about the range of insurance products and services we can deploy to the benefit of members of the hospitality and leisure industry.

Directors and Officers

In this area, AIG member companies enjoy the position as world market leaders. Our policies provide protection for insured individuals from personal liability arising from performance of their professional duties.

General Liability Insurance

Primary and Excess programmes designed to meet the insurance needs of European based corporations for domestic and international general and product liability coverage - including cover for North American exposures. Our customers benefit from our technical expertise, significant capacity and service capabilities along with AIG member companies' financial strength and global network.

Group Plus - Specialty Program

A cost-effective and flexible insurance solution that covers special risks and allows organizations to attract new members and offer added-value benefits to their members and affiliates.

Pollution Legal Liability Insurance

Enables companies to protect themselves against costs of clean-up, bodily injury and damage caused to other peoples' property, by providing a specific insurance policy packaged to allow the Insureds to design a programme suitable for their pollution insurance needs.


We offer market-leading terrorism insurance solutions to protect businesses from devastating losses to physical assets resulting from acts of terrorism.

Employment Practices Liability

Specifically designed to protect the assets of a company and its directors, managers and employees against the growing risk of personal claims brought about for any number of reasons, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and maintenance of a hostile work environment.

Group Plus - Expatriate Care

Our flexible insurance package protects expatriates and their families around the world.

Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance

Protection against kidnapping for ransom, wrongful detention and in extortion scenarios. Who is it for? Any company with employees either travelling to, or based in, overseas countries particularly Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa; cash-rich or high-profile companies operating in Europe or overseas; manufacturers or retailers of consumer goods.

Property Insurance

Insurance programmes focused on multinational, large domestic and upper middle market companies can be tailored to suit clients' needs anywhere in the world, while offering coverage against material damage and business interruption on a specified-perils or all-risk basis. Specialities also include fronting services and reinsurance for Captive-driven programmes.