Winning Cyber





Underwriting Sweet Spots

Our core Cyber product:
• Modules covering 1st party costs, extortion, network interruption
and cyber liability
• Market leading event management services (first response, legal, IT, data restoration, public relations, notification costs etc.)

Other extensions available
- System failure
- Crime
- Theft


AIG Cyber Differentiators

Cyber Expertise

• One of the largest cyber insurance teams in Germany.

• Cyber Risk Engineering

• Deep experience underwriting cyber risks and handling cyber claims.

• Enables us to deliver high quality advice and support for brokers.


Global Capabilities

• We can issue cyber insurance policies in over 60 countries around the world.

• Strong support for brokers’ multinational and international clients.

• Successful track record tailoring cyber cover for their specialist requirements.


Nipping in the Bud

• Tried and tested “First Response” immediate IT, forensic and legal help after a breach.
• 1-hour response to help mitigate clients’ losses as early as possible.
• No policy retention for “First Response”.


Preventing Cyber Losses

• A range of complimentary services where annual premiums are € 10,000 or more.

• Includes vulnerability scanning, malicious IP blocking, cyber prevention training.

• Helps prevent a cyber loss from happening in the first place.

Smart Cyber Application

• Smart cyber proposal form adapts to clients’ sector, size, and cyber exposures.

• Generates immediate summary report of the client’s cyber maturity.

• More detail post-bind including cyber risk scores, scenario likelihoods and priorities.

Brexit-Ready! Pan European Coverage Removes Uncertainty from Multinational Programmes


Our Cyber Team DACH

Torben Schwierzke
Team Leader Cyber
Underwriting DACH
+49 69 97113472

Martin Schmetz
Cyber Underwriter
Germany | Austria
+49 69 97113567

Tobias Caspar
Cyber Risk Engineer
Germany | Austria
+49 89 273701529

Daniel Rüegg
Practice Leader Cyber
+41 43 3333786

Anna Flütsch
Cyber Underwriter
+41 43 3333709