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The Swiss Branch of AIG Europe S.A. opened in 1957 and today specialises in insurance products for local businesses and multinational corporations as well as specific groups of professionals, such as lawyers, financial advisors, IT specialists, insurance brokers, etc. AIG develops insurance solutions which are tailor-made to the particular needs of the respective industries or groups of customers.

We are market leaders in Directors & Officers Liability and Professional Liability as well as Credit Life insurance programs. Besides our key lead products we offer a whole range of Casualty and Property insurance products with a strong focus on supporting our Swiss customers abroad. Our unique network and expertise worldwide indeed position AIG as a privileged partner to accompany the international development and investments of the Swiss corporations.

We also offer dedicated solutions in Accident & Health insurance. Through a classic affinity approach we offer unique products to specific target groups via various distribution channels such as outbound telemarketing or direct mailings. To ensure the best possible results for our partner companies we employ marketing specialists who analyse the partner database, determine the right target group, distribution channel and product jointly with our partners to launch and control those campaigns with the right timing.

As one of the world's leading insurance groups we are also known for our product innovation and comprehensive expertise in the following areas:


Commercial Business
Tailor-made insurance solutions (international insurance programs, Primary and Excess covers, Master und local policies, DIC/DIL)

  • Captive and Pool Solutions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Services
  • Risk management and Engineering services
  • Offices in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions
  • Local know-how, market knowledge and innovation
  • First class customer and claims service
  • Financial strength


Consumer Business (business to business to consumer)

  • Payment Protection insurance solutions for customer contracting with banks, leasing companies or any financial institutions
  • Privileged additional insurance benefits as optional sales offer as part of loyalty policy of retail companies
  • Tailor made individual insurances offered to existing customers of some large Swiss corporations


Claims Management

  • Quick and accurate claims handling through our local claims teams
  • Interactive communication with Customers and Brokers throughout the whole claims handling process
  • Involvement of internal or external specialists, claims adjusters and lawyers on complex claims that demand specific expertise
  • Cooperation with our clients and brokers to help minimise the financial and reputational impact of a loss


A word from our General Manager

“The Swiss market is a mature and sophisticated insurance place with a high level of education and knowledge, both at business and consumers level. It deserves professional and innovative market players able to bring added value to the various customers segments. We are clearly working to further position AIG up in the insurance chain of value. Focusing on our core values of integrity, customers, people, entrepreneurship and performance we are aiming to be a distinctive first choice insurance provider for large and medium size corporations with international exposures as well as for some groups of consumers through dedicated affinity approaches, while continuing to further improve our leadership position in Financial Lines.”


Complaints Handling - How to make a complaint

If you are not satisfied with your insurance contract, insurance cover or other services provided by us, please do not hesitate to share your concerns with us in writing or verbally.

AIG Europe S.A. Luxembourg,
Zweigniederlassung Opfikon
Sägereistrasse 29
CH-8152 Glattbrugg

T +41 43 33337-00
F +41 43 33337-99


Assistance from the ombudsman for private insurance

The foundation Ombudsman für Privatversicherungen und der SUVA (Ombudsman for Private Insurance and SUVA) provides professional advice to all privately insured individuals. Problems or differences of opinion with health insurance funds are not included under the ombudsman office's responsibilities. A separate ombudsman office was established for that purpose. The foundation for private insurance primarily advises policyholders with regard to differences of opinion about the contents of insurance policies, covers or amount of damages. The ombudsman office mediates by acting as a neutral body, obtains external opinions where required, answers questions related to insurance law and solves conflicts between insured parties and insurance companies using a problem-oriented approach. In this context, it cannot become a representative of a party or demand payments from a party.

Stiftung Ombudsman der Privatversicherung und der Suva
Postfach 181
CH-8024 Zurich

T +41 44 211 3090


Luxembourg arbitration body

Since AIG Europe S.A. is an insurance company based in Luxembourg, complaints can also be filed with the arbitration body in Luxembourg in addition to the complaints procedure described above. The contact data for the Luxembourg arbitration body for complaints can be obtained from the AIG Europe S.A. Website at


FINMA – Federal Financial Markets Authority

AIG Europe S.A., Luxembourg, Opfikon branch office, is subject to the prudential supervision of the Federal Financial Markets Authority (FINMA). Therefore complaints may also be directed to this supervisory authority. The FINMA may be reached as follows:

Eidgenössische Finanzmarktaufsicht FINMA
Laupenstrasse 27
CH-3003 Bern

T +41 327 91 00
F +41 327 91 01

You are expressly advised that the option to take legal action is not affected by the complaints procedures noted above.

Global History

Read more about AIGs history, which includes more than 100 years.


Diversity and Inclusion

At AIG, we believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to our future and our mission – creating a foundation for a creative workplace that leads to innovation, growth, and profitability.

Through a wide variety of programs and initiatives, we invest in each employee, seeking to ensure that our people are not only respected as individuals, but also truly valued for their unique perspectives.

To learn more about diversity, inclusion and pay equity at AIG, click here.


Delivering on our Commitments

Codes of Conduct and Other Policies


Producer Compensation

Broker and Agent Compensation
AIG Europe S.A., Luxembourg, Opfikon Branch (“AIG”) values the role of insurance producers in advising and consulting with insurance buyers, and generally compensates them in recognition of their participation in the purchasing process. Please contact your insurance broker or agent to obtain information about the specific compensation they may receive in connection with the issuance of your policy.

AIG compensates insurance brokers and agents through commissions of either a specific amount or a percentage of premium set at the time of each purchase, renewal, placement or servicing of a particular insurance policy. From time to time, AIG may enter into agreements with producers to provide additional commission not contingent in nature. All such payments are subject to controls administered by AIG Legal, Compliance and business management.

Contingent Compensation
AIG may also pay contingent compensation to insurance brokers and agents in addition to commissions. Contingent compensation is typically based on criteria such as the volume of new sales, overall production volume, mix of business, or overall profitability of the policies placed by an insurance broker or agent. All such payments are subject to controls administered by AIG Legal, Compliance and business management.

Other Compensation
AIG may also enter into agreements in order to access information or cause strategic interaction to facilitate business, in exchange for a fee. Outside of specific insurance transactions, AIG may also obtain services for which it pays a fee.

AIG may also provide compensation for the advertising, marketing or purchase of insurance products or services through third-party channels.



Vergütung von Maklern und Agenten
AIG Europe S.A., Luxemburg, Niederlassung Opfikon („AIG“) schätzt die Leistungen von Versicherungsmaklern und -agenten bei der Beratung und Betreuung von Versicherungskäufern und vergütet sie in der Regel für ihre Mitwirkung am Verkaufsprozess. Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ihren Versicherungsmakler oder -agenten, um Informationen über die spezifischen Vergütungen zu erhalten, die er im Zusammenhang mit der Ausstellung Ihrer Police erhalten kann.

AIG vergütet Versicherungsmakler und -agenten durch Provisionen in Höhe eines bestimmten Betrags oder eines Prozentsatzes der Prämie, der zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs, der Erneuerung, der Platzierung oder der Betreuung einer bestimmten Versicherungspolice festgelegt wird. Gelegentlich kann AIG mit Produzenten Vereinbarungen über zusätzliche, nicht an Bedingungen geknüpfte Provisionen treffen. Alle diese Zahlungen unterliegen der Kontrolle durch die Rechtsabteilung, die Compliance-Abteilung und die Geschäftsleitung von AIG.

Bedingte Vergütungen
AIG kann zusätzlich zu den Provisionen auch bedingte Vergütungen an Versicherungsmakler und -agenten zahlen. Bedingte Vergütungen beruhen in der Regel auf Kriterien wie dem Neugeschäftsvolumen, dem Gesamtproduktionsvolumen, der Zusammensetzung des Geschäfts oder der Gesamtrentabilität der von einem Versicherungsmakler oder -agenten vermittelten Policen. Alle diese Zahlungen unterliegen der Kontrolle durch die Rechtsabteilung, die Compliance-Abteilung und die Geschäftsleitung von AIG.

Sonstige Vergütungen
AIG kann gegen eine Gebühr auch Vereinbarungen treffen, um Zugang zu Informationen zu erhalten oder strategische Interaktionen zu veranlassen, um Geschäfte zu erleichtern. Außerhalb bestimmter Versicherungstransaktionen kann AIG auch Dienstleistungen in Anspruch nehmen, für die sie eine Gebühr zahlt.

AIG kann zudem eine Vergütung für die Werbung, das Marketing oder den Kauf von Versicherungsprodukten oder -dienstleistungen über Drittkanäle leisten.


Rémunération des producteurs

Rémunération des courtiers et agents
AIG Europe S.A., Luxembourg, Branche Opfikon (« AIG ») apprécie le rôle des producteurs d'assurance dans le conseil et la consultation des acheteurs d'assurance, et les rémunère généralement en reconnaissance de leur participation au processus d'achat. Veuillez contacter votre courtier ou agent d'assurance pour obtenir des informations sur la rémunération spécifique qu'ils peuvent recevoir en relation avec l'émission de votre police.

AIG rémunère les courtiers et agents d'assurance par le biais de commissions correspondant soit à un montant spécifique soit à un pourcentage de la prime fixée au moment de chaque achat, renouvellement, placement ou service d'une police d'assurance particulière. De temps à autre, AIG peut conclure des accords avec des producteurs pour leur assurer une commission supplémentaire de nature non conditionnelle. Tous ces paiements sont soumis à des contrôles administrés par le service juridique, le service de la conformité et la direction d’AIG.

Rémunération conditionnelle
AIG peut également verser une rémunération conditionnelle aux courtiers et agents d'assurance, en plus des commissions. La rémunération conditionnelle est généralement basée sur des critères tels que le volume des nouvelles ventes, le volume de production global, la composition des activités ou la rentabilité globale des polices placées par un courtier ou un agent d'assurance. Tous ces paiements sont soumis à des contrôles administrés par le service juridique, le service de la conformité et la direction d’AIG.

Autres rémunérations
AIG peut également conclure des accords afin d'accéder à des informations ou de provoquer une interaction stratégique visant à faciliter les affaires, en échange d'une redevance. En dehors des transactions d'assurance spécifiques, AIG peut également obtenir des services pour lesquels elle paie une redevance.

AIG peut également offrir une rémunération pour la publicité, le marketing ou l'achat de produits ou services d'assurance par le biais de canaux tiers.