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Property Insurance

We offer a variety of products that respond to damages to a company’s physical assets.


Exceptional industry knowledge allows AIG to create high-capacity Builder’s Risk solutions for a diverse spectrum of construction projects and clients. Coverage can be tailored to meet specific risk transfer requirements, and policy extensions are available to insure a variety of exposures including delay in start-up, builder’s risk, natural catastrophe, testing and commissioning, among many others.

Property Insurance

Insurance programmes focused on multinational, large domestic and upper middle market companies can be tailored to suit clients' needs anywhere in the world, while offering coverage against material damage and business interruption on a specified-perils or all-risk basis. Specialities also include fronting services and reinsurance for Captive-driven programmes.


We offer market-leading terrorism insurance solutions to protect businesses from devastating losses to physical assets resulting from acts of terrorism.

Energy Insurance

Specialist insurance protection in the oil & petrochemicals, power generation, chemicals, offshore, construction and boiler and machinery sectors. Our additional in-house expertise includes loss control consultants, chemical, fire protection and mechanical engineers experienced in virtually all energy types as well as chemical and construction exposures. Programmes can be tailored on a local or global basis, making full use of AIG member companies' international network and extensive resources.

Property Performance

Property Performance is a sophisticated material damage and business interruption insurance product for high quality, medium to large sized risks across multiple industrial sectors.