Special Environmental Covers

Our EnviroPro special environmental policy covers the risk from contamination and the resulting consequential damages. Insurance cover is also provided for environmental impacts / environmental damages that arise gradually. Depending on the requirements, the cover can include the following: personal injury and/or property damage, clean-up costs at the policyholder’s location, biodiversity damages, business interruption costs, transport costs. The insurance policy can be taken out for certain designated locations or entire companies.


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AIG Enviro Pro

What damages may be covered under the insurance?

Insurance cover can be requested for statutory third-party claims that are directed at the following:

  • Clean-up costs at the insured location
  • Personal injury and/or property damages 
  • Clean-up costs outside of the insured location
  • Environmental damages

Possible extensions of cover:

  • Policyholder's business interruption damages
  • Transport cover

Basic features of the insurance cover?

What is insured?

Insured are the statutory claims of third parties (including government authorities) with contents under civil and/or public law for clean-up costs for contamination, compensation for damages or the prevention or clean-up of environmental damages at the insured location, starting with the insured location on the basis of the technical provisions of GSchG (Water Protection Act), USG (Environment Act), AltlV (Contaminated Sites Regulation) as well as personal injury and/or property damage.

Who is insured? 

The policyholder’s statutory liability under civil law and the statutory obligation under public law in Switzerland is insured. 

Locations in other countries are insured as long as they are enumerated in the declaration for the policy. 

The EnviroPro insurance cover is based on location.