Industrial Property Insurance

Using our extensive and Europe-wide expertise in technical property insurance, our outstanding local and global capacities, excellent risk engineering know-how and an unrivalled global network, we specialise in underwriting difficult, challenging and unusual risks.

Our Target Segments

Production, machine building, service industry, real estate
Airports, hotels, sports stadiums, electrical/metal manufacturing,
Technology, communication and media
International real estate funds, banks
Multinational companies, captives and risk-managing programmes

AIG Industrial Property Insurance

Our expertise

  • Big market participant with access to USD 500 Mio. for well hedged risks
  • We insure some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations
  • Flexible and globally available AIG risk management, supported by an extensive “knowledge library” with best practice examples
  • Comprehensive product portfolio

Highlights and product advantages

  • Very high capacities: Often, we can cover 100% for selected large risks - a real advantage for our customers when decisions must be made after a claim
  • Reliable partner for customers in terms of business continuity - with unique global expertise for disaster claims
  • Reliable partner for customers in terms of business continuity - with our worldwide risk engineering options to reduce potential damages for customers
  • Integrated insurance partner for customers with access to a large range of insurance products and services
  • Technical specialists in European and international markets for complex and alternative contract structures
  • Direct access to experienced underwriter decision-makers with extensive authorisations across Europe
  • Unique multinational qualifications for multinational companies of all forms and sizes

Service and claims management 

The close communication between our underwriting, risk engineering and claims teams allows us to offer seamless solutions with regard to insurance cover, risk analysis and claims settlement. In the past, we have proven over and over again: Valid claims are paid quickly and fairly. This is not least due to the expertise and experience of our claims specialists. Our claims teams settle multinational claims on location, working directly with the foreign companies of our customers. 

Risk engineering 

Our global network of risk specialists offers exceptional in-house expertise in risk engineering, and it prepares complete and qualified appraisals for potential customers before an offer is made. Our specialists have a broad knowledge of risk management (including sprinkler system expertise), and they share this knowledge with our customers and potential customers on location. To guarantee uniformity and continuity, only one appraiser will be assigned to programmes involving multiple locations. 

Customer-specific wording and product diversity 

Using our extensive product range, we can create customer-specific wording and programmes. Our products comprise property insurance, business interruption and machine breakage insurance, technical insurance and protection against stand-alone terror risks. We also provide on-line training materials and special risk information that is tailored to the respective industry and risk type. 
In this way, we guarantee that your customers are informed of the risks that apply to them, and the best options for minimising these risks. 

Multinational expertise 

Over 60 years of experience with multinational programmesa very large own global network, and 9,000 adjusters in 320 locations worldwide are proof that we have a lot to offer to multinational companies of all types and sizes. Our own global network provides us with greater independence. What this means for you as the broker: A pool of global AIG employees to look after preparing local policies and providing services for your customers. 
One single AIG Europe contact person, centralised premiums and claims tracking, as well as our multinational competence centre that coordinates the global programme of your customers, give your customers greater control over their worldwide insurance policies. 


We offer large underwriting capacities of up to USD 500 Mio. for well-protected customers in our core segments that have established exceptionally extensive risk management systems (with the involvement of AIG risk specialists).